How to Find Random People on Snapchat: Best Tips and Tricks for Expanding Your Network

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Snapchat has become a bustling social network where people are always looking for new connections and new content.

I remember when I first started using the app, the excitement of adding friends and exchanging snaps was quite the adventure.

Nowadays, finding random people on Snapchat to expand your circle of friends can bring that same level of excitement and novelty.

As a dynamic platform, Snapchat offers various ways to connect with others, from friends of friends to complete strangers who share common interests.

I’ve used these features myself to meet new people and it’s been an incredibly fun way to engage with users from around the world.

Ensuring that these connections remain enjoyable and safe is a priority, so I’ll walk you through how to find and interact with new Snapchat friends while maintaining your privacy.

Key Takeaways

Setting Up Your Snapchat

Starting out on Snapchat can feel like stepping into a new world.

Remember when I first downloaded the app?

I was eager to explore its quirky features and connect with friends in a snap—literally.

Let’s walk you through the basics to get you started right away!

Download and Installation

First things first: grabbing the app. Snapchat is pretty easy to find.

I simply headed over to the App Store on my iPhone or the Google Play Store on my Android device.

Type “Snapchat” in the search bar, and it pops right up!

One tap on the install button, a brief wait, and voilà, the app is ready to roll on your smartphone.

But for those who prefer larger screens, like me at times, there’s a workaround for PCs too—though it involves using an emulator since Snapchat is really designed for mobile use.

Creating Your Snapchat Account

Next up, creating your account.

When you open Snapchat for the first time, it prompts you to sign up.

I filled in my details—name, birthday, and email.

After choosing a password, Snapchat asked me for a username, and I picked something fun that my friends would easily recognize.

The magic happens when you get your unique Snapcode, a kind of Snapchat identity card.

I added a selfie to personalize it, and just like that, my Snapcode was ready to share, making it simple for new friends to add me.

Remember, the username you pick is how people on Snapchat will see you, so choose wisely—I sure did!

How to Find Random People on Snapchat?

Have you ever wanted to expand your Snapchat circle but weren’t sure where to start?

I’ve explored a few methods myself and want to share some straight-to-the-point tips that have worked wonders for me.

Using Quick Add Feature

The Quick Add feature is like a friendly neighbor casually introducing you to new folks.

It suggests potential friends based on mutual connections, your location, and other factors.

When I’m looking to meet fresh faces on Snapchat, I just go to my profile, swipe down, and Quick Add does the mingling for me.

It’s like a digital icebreaker, and I’ve found some genuinely interesting people this way.

Searching by Username

Now, if you’ve got a specific person in mind, nothing beats the classic search bar.

Just tap on it and type in the username.

I recall this one time I met someone at a café, and all they gave me was their Snapchat name.

A quick search later, and voilà – a new friend added with a tap.

Exploring Snap Map

Finally, taking a virtual stroll through the Snap Map can feel like you’re a globetrotter.

You get to see active users from various places, and it’s especially intriguing when I’m bored of my local scene.

Just pinch your fingers on the main screen like you’re zooming out on a photo, and suddenly you’re seeing Snapchat users from around the globe.

Just remember that location matters, so don’t be surprised when someone from across the world pops up!

Engaging with New Snapchat Friends

After I figured out the nifty ways to add new friends on Snapchat, the real fun began.

It’s all about making those connections meaningful, right?

Here’s how I dove into starting conversations, sharing stories, and leveraging Snap Streaks and Bitmoji to keep the engagement alive.

Starting Conversations

Ever been at a loss for words when you finally added someone cool? Me too.

I like to start with something simple but engaging.

For instance, if their Bitmoji is doing something funny or unusual, I’ll shoot over a snap and say, “Your Bitmoji is on fire! What’s the story there?”

It’s light, it’s personal, and it breaks the ice in seconds.

Or, when I scan a Snapcode, I might ask about the snap that got me curious in the first place.

It’s all about making that first snap count!

Sharing Stories

Stories are a gold mine for starting conversations.

Have you noticed that too?

I regularly post on my story, sometimes a quirky snap of my morning coffee or a random thought.

When friends engage with my story, it opens up a line of communication.

But when I see a story that makes me laugh or think, I make sure to reply and tell them exactly what I liked.

Keeping it specific makes them feel seen and appreciated—like I noticed the little detail in the background.

It’s these little things that pave the way for a flow of back-and-forth snaps.

Snap Streaks and Bitmoji

What’s cooler than having a friend?

Having a snap streak with a friend!

Bitmoji adventures can add so much fun, too.

When I start a streak, it’s like an unspoken pact—let’s see how long we can keep this going.

It gives us a reason to connect every day, and each snap keeps adding to our shared story.

Sometimes, I’ll send over a snap with our Bitmojis hanging out together.

The reactions?

Priceless. It feels like giving a piece of a shared digital world to a friend, and I just love that.

Remembering to send those daily snaps can seem daunting, but honestly, it’s now a part of my routine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maintaining Privacy and Safety

Searching for people on Snapchat is like opening your digital door to new connections, but let’s keep that door on a secure hinge, shall we?

Before you start adding pals willy-nilly, it’s smart to consider who can see you and who can’t.

Managing Your Contact List

My Friends:

This is your circle; the people you actually know and trust.

I keep it tight by reviewing this list regularly.

I mean, why let someone linger here if I haven’t snapped them since that one weird Halloween party three years ago?

New Contacts:

Just like in real life, I vet new additions carefully. If the chat feels off or they’re a tad too nosy about my age or email address, I’ll pass harder than at a high school dodgeball game.

Privacy Settings Explained

Who Can Contact Me:

Think of this as your very own bouncer for Snapchat. I set mine to ‘My Friends’ so I’m not getting random ‘hellos’ from someone who’s just a friend of a friend of a friend.

Quick Add:

Oh, this feature! It’s like that overly enthusiastic friend trying to set you up on a blind date. I turn this off to avoid connecting with people I don’t know.

Remember, sharing your phone number or email address can lead to a cascade of “Who dis?” moments.

Using these tips and settings helps me keep the privacy of my Snapchat on lockdown.

It’s like having a guard dog for your digital life – minus the slobbery kisses.


Snapchat, oh how it’s become a part of my daily routine!

I remember when I first dove into the sea of snap stories and dog filters—I was looking to make new connections, just like you.

Here’s a tip-top guide I’ve pulled together, answering all those burning questions on finding new friends in the world of Snapchat.

What are some ways to connect with new people on Snapchat if I don’t know their username?

I’ve found that using Snapchat’s ‘Quick Add’ feature is a no-brainer for meeting new folks. It suggests peeps you may know, and sometimes, surprising connections pop up. Another cool trick is to use the app’s ‘Add Nearby’ function; it’s nifty for discovering users that are just around the corner!

Can you guide me through chatting with someone on Snapchat from another country?

Absolutely, the world’s your oyster on Snapchat! You can chat with international buddies by scanning their Snapcode or adding them through their usernames. One thing I always do is check out the Snap Map feature to find folks sharing public stories globally.

Is there an option on Snapchat to join random groups or start chatting with people I don’t know?

You bet! Although there isn’t an official ‘random group’ feature, joining shared group stories related to events or interests can lead to unexpected and delightful conversations with others who aren’t yet in your friend circle.

What methods can I use to add people to my Snapchat friends list without meeting them in person?

In the digital age, in-person meetings are so last year. To add people to your Snapchat without the meet and greet, throw your Snapcode on other social platforms or scout for usernames on forums. There’s always a quick add feature on Snapchat for speedy adds.

How can I discover Snapchat users in my vicinity who I’ve never met before?

Did someone say, nearby adventurers? Say hello to ‘Add Nearby,’ my personal go-to for finding new Snapchatters close by. Remember to have your location services switched on for this feature to work its magic.

Are there any strategies to make friends on Snapchat similar to how we find them on Instagram?

Snapchat’s a different beast, but some strategies crossover. For instance, sharing your Snapcode across other socials, like Instagram or Twitter, can reel in the crowd. Also, engaging with other users’ content or using third-party apps can mimic the ‘follow for follow’ vibe you see on Instagram.