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Welcome to Manualtut.com, where we empower you to take control of your digital life. Our blog was born out of a simple, yet profound question: “How can we make technology approachable for everyone?” With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it’s easy to feel left behind. That’s why we’re here—to bridge the gap between complex tech concepts and everyday users.

We believe that technology should be an enabler, not a barrier. Our passion is to create content that simplifies the tech world, making it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re trying to figure out your new smartphone or navigate the latest apps, Manualtut.com is your trusted guide through the digital landscape.

Unlike other tech blogs that might overwhelm you with jargon and lengthy articles, Manualtut.com focuses on short, actionable guides enriched with visual aids. Our step-by-step tutorials are designed with clarity in mind, featuring YouTube videos and screenshots that walk you through every process. We don’t just provide instructions—we ensure you can follow them with ease.

Here at Manualtut.com, we showcase the human side of technology. We understand the frustrations that come with learning new digital skills, which is why we approach each topic with empathy and patience. Our content is crafted not only to educate but to instill confidence in your ability to conquer any tech hurdle.

Since our founding in 2023, we’ve dedicated ourselves to covering a wide array of topics with precision and care. Our primary focus is on iOS and Android devices, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps, as well as providing clear-cut guidance on creating, deleting, and managing accounts for the most popular applications and sites.

We’re not just a blog—we’re a community. At Manualtut.com, we listen to our readers and evolve with your needs. We regularly update our articles to keep up with the latest tech trends and ensure you’re always getting the most up-to-date information.

Embrace the digital world with confidence. Let Manualtut.com be your ally in navigating the ever-changing tech environment, one tutorial at a time.

Who We Are

At the heart of Manualtut.com is Mo Anwar, the creator and driving force behind our single-author blog. Anwar brings to the table over 15 years of hands-on experience as an IT consultant, where he has dedicated his career to helping small businesses enhance their technology setups. His journey in the tech industry is grounded in a solid educational background, having earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and his Master’s degree in 2005.

Today, Anwar’s primary focus is on sharing his wealth of knowledge through the content he writes for Manualtut.com. His commitment to breaking down complex tech issues into manageable, user-friendly content has resonated with readers worldwide. The blog’s reach is a testament to its impact, with millions of visitors from across the globe turning to Manualtut.com for guidance. Anwar’s expertise has not only captured the attention of individual readers but has also been recognized and featured on various popular websites, further establishing the blog as a trusted resource in the tech community.

With Anwar at the helm, Manualtut.com stands as a beacon for those navigating the often-intimidating world of technology. His personal touch and relatable writing style make the blog more than just a collection of guides—it’s a place where tech meets human experience, and where readers can find a helping hand in an industry expert who truly cares.

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